Purple 0.60in x1.20in (15mm x 30 mm) serial # TAMPER EVIDENT SECURITY VOID HOLOGRAM LABELS


These labels are very high quality made by our parent company Dealimax & you will not find anywhere else except Dealimax groups of websites.
Note: Label color can slightly look different then image due to your screen resolution & light situation during photography. We are trying our best to describe this product in our best knowledge.
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Basic details:-
See listing images for more details.
Color of label = Purple
Shape of label= Rectangle
Size of label= each label measures 15mm x 30 mm (0.60in x1.20in) on 1 mil metalized polyester.
Pattern = One time use
Number of labels/Sheet = 50
Serial number =N/A
Serial Number Type = N/A
Serial Style = N/A

-: Product details:-

THIS LISTING is for Purple color Rectangle 15mm x 30 mm (0.60in x1.20in) WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED SERIAL NUMBER HOLOGRAM LABELS STICKERS

This particular label is Tamper Evident Void, meaning that if an attempt is made at removing this label, it will be unable to use again.
Each label measures 15mm x 30 mm (0.60in x1.20in) on 1 mil metalized Purple polyester.
So on front in large word it is written “WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED” &

See listing images for more details.

Hologram Security Label – Tamper Evident Labels. The label ‘pops’ with color with light and movement.
Each label measures 15mm x 30 mm (0.60in x1.20in) on 1 mil metalized Purple polyester.
The labels are Purple and the hologram is activated with light and movement.
The labels are tamper evident. If removed some or all of the metalized Purple will remain on your product as shown in the image.
Once removed it cannot be reapplied without evidence of tampering as shown in the pictures.

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